Selection of the Latest Public Filings

JOJIĆ, Petar and RADETA, Vjerica (MICT-17-111)
15 Feb 2018 Order for Submissions
MLADIĆ, Ratko (MICT-13-56)
21 Dec 2017 Decision on Motion for Extension of Time to File Notice of Appeal
MLADIĆ, Ratko (MICT-13-56)
20 Nov 2017 Decision on Motion for Contempt Proceedings and Related Orders
KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
19 Apr 2017 Radovan Karadžić’s Reply Brief

Upcoming Judicial Events

Stanišić and Simatović (MICT-15-96)
Trial, 26 April 2018, 09:30 (CEST)

Recent Judicial Events

KARADŽIĆ, Radovan (MICT-13-55)
Status Conference, 25 April 2018